A Guide to Keeping Your Pool Clean – Orenda® Pool Chemicals

Two bottles of Orenda Pool Chemicals sitting on the ledge of a pool.

Welcome to Swimline Distributor’s comprehensive guide to maintaining a crystal-clear pool with Orenda® pool chemicals. As a professional in pool care, you understand the importance of a well-maintained pool. Our range of Orenda products offers top-tier solutions for various pool maintenance needs. Let’s dive into each product and learn how they can revolutionize your pool care routine and the pool care routine of your valuable clients. 

1. Orenda Clarifier (1 Quart, 1 Gallon, or 5 Gallon)

The Orenda Clarifier is a standout product, renowned for its unparalleled ability to keep pool water sparkling and free of contaminants. It’s a fusion of nature and science, creating a powerful solution for pools and fountains.

Product Composition

  • Chitosan-Based Formula: This natural ingredient, derived from crustacean shells, has a unique ability to attract and neutralize various contaminants including dirt, debris, and organic particles.
  • Enhanced with CV-600 Enzyme: This addition sets Orenda Clarifier apart from others. The enzymes break down and oxidize non-living organics, oils, and lotions, effectively removing them from the water.

Application and Usage

  • Dosage Guidelines: Administer four ounces per 10,000 gallons of water. This ratio ensures optimal effectiveness while maintaining the pool’s chemical balance.
  • Integration with Sanitizing Systems: The clarifier seamlessly works alongside existing sanitizing systems. It aids in creating larger particles from smaller ones, making them easier for the pool filter to catch and remove.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Improved Water Clarity: The clarifier ensures the water remains clear and sparkling, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the pool.
  • Ease of Use: Its straightforward application process makes it a user-friendly option for both professionals and homeowners.

2. Orenda Scale & Metal Control SC-1000 (1 Quart) 

This Scale & Metal Control is an essential tool in the pool chemical arsenal, particularly effective in preventing scale formation and metal oxidation.

Product Features

  • Scale Prevention: It excels at preventing carbonate scale formation, a common issue in pools with hard water.
  • Metal Oxidation Control: The product effectively controls metal oxidation, thus preventing unsightly stains and maintaining the integrity of pool surfaces.

Application Tips

  • Initial Treatment: The first application is critical, especially for new or remodeled pools. For filled pools, the recommended dose is one quart per 10,000 gallons, applied via the skimmer or directly into the pool.
  • Regular Maintenance: For ongoing care, a weekly dose of 3 oz per 10,000 gallons is recommended to maintain optimal conditions and prevent future issues.

3. Orenda Phosphate Remover (1 Quart, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, or 15 Gallon)

Our Phosphate Remover is a powerful and concentrated formula designed for effective phosphate management in pool waters.

Unique Attributes

  • Concentrated Action: This remover is highly effective at binding and neutralizing phosphates, a key nutrient for algae growth, thus preventing potential algal blooms.
  • Safety and Standards: Adhering to NSF/ANSI Standard 50, it is safe, non-toxic, and compatible with all types of pool systems.

How to Apply

  • Dosage Requirements: The application rate depends on the phosphate levels in the pool. It’s important to follow the guidelines for the amount needed to effectively target and neutralize the phosphates.

4. Orenda Enzyme & Phosphate Remover CV-700 (5 Gallon or 1 Quart)

This Enzyme and Phosphate Remover is a dual-action product, tackling both organic waste and phosphate buildup in pool waters.

Product Highlights

  • Organic Waste Removal: It efficiently breaks down non-living organic waste like bather residue, oils, and lotions, ensuring the pool remains hygienic and clear.
  • Phosphate Control: In addition to its enzymatic action, it also addresses phosphate accumulation, a common problem that can lead to algae growth and water quality issues.

Application and Maintenance

  • Routine Use: Regular application of CV-700 is recommended for maintaining optimal pool conditions. It’s a proactive approach to pool care, preventing issues before they arise.

5. Orenda® Enzyme Water Cleaner CV-600 (1 Quart)  

The CV-600 Enzyme Water Cleaner is an innovative solution for the breakdown and removal of non-living organic waste and oils in pools and spas.

Innovative Features

  • Efficient Breakdown: Its unique enzyme formula is engineered to tackle the most stubborn organic materials and oil deposits, ensuring water clarity and hygiene.
  • Reduced Chlorine Dependency: One of the key benefits of CV-600 is its ability to significantly reduce the need for chlorine, promoting a safer and more natural pool environment.

Recommended Usage

  • Application Rates: For residential pools, a weekly dose of five ounces is recommended. For commercial pools with higher bather loads, five to ten ounces per week, adjusted according to the usage level, will ensure optimal results.

Expert Maintenance Tips

  • Regular Water Testing: Always keep a close eye on water chemistry, testing regularly for pH, chlorine, and other relevant parameters.
  • Seasonal Adjustments: Adapt your maintenance routine to account for seasonal variations, such as increased usage in the summer or closing the pool in winter.
  • Professional Insight: Don’t hesitate to consult with pool care experts for personalized advice or complex issues.

Why Choose Swimline Distributors for Pool and Spa Supplies?

Swimline Distributors, a family-owned business since 1976, stands out as the premier choice for pool and spa professionals. We have a strong reputation and nationwide shipping, including Alaska and Hawaii. Here’s why we’re your ideal pool supplies partner.

  • Expertise and Reliability: Decades of experience in the pool and spa industry ensures that you receive not only the best products but also expert advice tailored to your needs.
  • Exclusive to Professionals: We cater exclusively to pool and spa professionals, ensuring our product range, including high-quality Orenda chemicals, meets the specific demands of industry experts.
  • Quality and Value: Our mission is to provide top-brand pool parts at the best prices, emphasizing our commitment to quality and value for every client.
  • Unmatched Inventory and Knowledge: We pride ourselves on having an extensive inventory and deep industry knowledge, living up to our promise: “We have the best parts, inventory, and industry knowledge.”

Choosing Swimline Distributors means partnering with a company that combines decades of experience with a forward-thinking approach. Our commitment to quality, customer service, and industry expertise makes us the ideal choice for pool and spa professionals. Whether you need the finest Orenda chemicals or any other pool parts and equipment, Swimline Distributors is ready to meet your needs with excellence. Let us be your trusted partner in maintaining beautiful, healthy pools. Contact us today to get started!

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Two bottles of Orenda Pool Chemicals sitting on the ledge of a pool.
A Guide to Keeping Your Pool Clean - Orenda® Pool Chemicals
Welcome to Swimline Distributor’s comprehensive guide to maintaining a crystal-clear pool with Orenda® pool chemicals. As a professional...
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