A Clear Comfort® Guide to AOP Sanitizing Systems

An AOP Sanitizing System from Clear Comfort over a pool water backdrop

The entire team at Swimline Distributors is dedicated to providing pool professionals with the most advanced and effective solutions for pool sanitation. That is why we are excited to introduce you to a technology that is transforming the world of pool care: Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) sanitizing systems by Clear Comfort®.

Understanding AOP Technology

Before delving into the specifics of Clear Comfort systems, let’s explore what AOP technology is and how it works. Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) is a powerful water treatment method that combines various oxidizers to produce hydroxyl radicals. These radicals are incredibly effective at destroying a wide range of contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, algae, and organic compounds.

The beauty of AOP technology lies in its ability to provide superior water quality without relying heavily on traditional chemicals like chlorine. This not only results in a more pleasant swimming experience but also reduces the health risks associated with chemical exposure.

The Benefits of Clear Comfort AOP Systems

Clear Comfort is a leader in AOP technology, offering systems that deliver unmatched water clarity, safety, and comfort. Here are some of the key advantages of choosing Clear Comfort for your pool.

  • Exceptional Water Quality: Clear Comfort AOP systems produce water that is so clean and pure, it meets drinking water standards for chlorine levels. Swimmers can enjoy a refreshing and invigorating experience without the irritation often caused by conventional chlorine pools.
  • Minimal Chemical Use: By harnessing the power of AOP, Clear Comfort systems drastically reduce the need for chlorine and other chemicals. This means fewer harsh smells, less skin and eye irritation, and a reduced risk of allergic reactions.
  • Eco Friendly: Unlike traditional sanitizing methods, AOP technology does not generate harmful byproducts. This makes Clear Comfort Systems an environmentally responsible choice for pool owners who want to minimize their ecological footprint.
  • Low Maintenance: One of the most appealing aspects of Clear Comfort systems is their ease of maintenance. With only a simple cartridge exchange required once a year, pool owners can spend more time enjoying their pool and less time on upkeep.

Introducing the Clear Comfort CCW50 System

Designed specifically for smaller residential pools and spas, the Clear Comfort CCW50 System is the perfect solution for those seeking the ultimate in water purity and simplicity. Here’s what makes the CCW50 stand out.

  • Patented AOP Technology: Clear Comfort unique hydroxyl-based AOP systems efficiently eliminate contaminants, ensuring your pool water remains crystal clear and healthy.
  • Simple Annual Maintenance: Forget about complicated upkeep routines. The CCW50 system only requires a quick five-minute cartridge exchange once a year.
  • Easy Installation: With a compact 11″ manifold design, the CCW50 system can be easily integrated into your existing pool setup, making the transition to AOP sanitation a breeze.

The Clear Comfort CCW100 System for Larger Pools

For those with medium to large residential pools, the Clear Comfort CCW100 System offers the same exceptional water quality and low maintenance benefits, with a capacity to handle larger volumes of water. Key features include.

  • Powerful AOP Sanitation: The CCW100 system ensures that your pool water is not only clean but also safe enough to meet drinking water standards for chlorine levels.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Like its smaller counterpart, the CCW100 system requires just a five-minute cartridge exchange once a year, making pool care a hassle-free experience.
  • Seamless Installation: The system’s straightforward manifold design fits easily into an 11″ section of pipe, allowing for quick and easy installation in your pool’s existing plumbing.

Making the Switch to AOP Sanitizing Systems

Encouraging your clients to transition to an AOP sanitizing system is a wise decision for any pool professional looking to enhance their service offerings while reducing reliance on chemicals. Clear Comfort systems are designed with the user in mind, ensuring that installation and maintenance are as straightforward as possible.

When your clients switch to a Clear Comfort AOP system, they’ll notice immediate improvements in water quality. Swimmers will enjoy water that feels softer and more refreshing, with none of the harsh side effects associated with chlorine. Additionally, they’ll have peace of mind knowing that their pool is being sanitized in an eco-friendly and health-conscious manner.

Swimline Distributors is Your One Stop Shop

At Swimline Distributors, we are proud to offer Clear Comfort AOP sanitizing systems as part of our commitment to providing the best pool care solutions to pool professionals. Whether your clients have a cozy backyard retreat or a sprawling residential pool, Clear Comfort has a system that will revolutionize the way they think about pool sanitation. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional chlorine systems and embrace the future of pool care with Clear Comfort AOP technology.

Want to learn more? Explore our products on our website or contact us anytime. We look forward to working with you! 

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