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The Southeast’s premier pool supply distributor since 1976

About Us

We want to be your pool supplies distributor!
Our mission is to provide pool professionals all the parts they need, from the best brands, at the best prices.

In 1976, Swimline was founded with the goal of becoming a one-stop-shop for pool contractors and dealers to find the parts they need from multiple manufacturers. Today, our mission is still to provide pool professionals all the parts they need, from the best brands, at the best prices.

Bob McCoy began in the swimming pool industry in 1966 working as lead salesman for Seablue, a pool parts manufacturer. After a decade with Seablue, Bob founded Swimline to make it easier for pool professionals to access the high-quality parts and supplies they need.

After a brief change in ownership in 1988, Bob’s sons Kelly and Scott stepped into the ownership role in 1991, overseeing the day-to-day sales and operations. They immersed themselves in every aspect of the business, from the ground up, to honor their father’s legacy and build Swimline’s reputation.

One of the first things Kelly and Scott found true of their father’s business was the legacy of established trust and reliability he had with his pool dealer customers. Over the years, we, with Kelly and Scott at the helm, have worked diligently to not only maintain but level up the company’s customer service by expanding product offerings, offering more resources, and growing the company to always provide customers with a personalized experience. Additionally, maintaining a trusting relationship with manufacturers assures that Swimline has the best products to offer its pool dealer customers.

In 2022, Swimline was rebranded to become Swimline Distributors, Inc. (or SDI) as a part of this effort to better serve swimming pool supply dealers by clarifying the nature of the business. The company has expanded to be a full line distributor of all the top swimming pool supplier brands, such as Fluidra, Hayward, Pentair and Raypak. SDI serves the product needs of gunite, fiberglass and vinyl pool contractors with all of the products they need to build quality pools for their customers. We also recognize the importance of pool service, both residential and commercial pools, and cater to this aspect of the industry with a host of product offerings.

Over time, we have also recognized the importance of industry involvement. Our owners and top managers are involved in the local Pool & Hot Tub Alliance chapter, contributing to strong industry connections and feedback for industry needs. As the nation’s most recognized organization for the swimming pool industry, PHTA is a vault of knowledge and resources. The PHTA and its partner organizations like the GENESIS education platform focus on training and certification offerings for pool professionals to deepen their expertise within the industry. PHTA also advocates for the needs of the industry on local, state and national level. The involvement of the PHTA is valuable to Swimline Distributors, and we’re honored to be part of the positive change these efforts bring to the industry. We proudly take part for the benefit of our pool dealer partners. And the products we provide are regulated by PHTA-backed standards, or they’re not on SDI’s shelves!

A Rich Legacy Since 1976

Serving your needs as a dealer is what we do best.

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At Swimline Distributors, we understand your needs! We know that as a pool industry pro, you need a distributor that gets your pain points and, most importantly, truly knows and understands the products you sell. We do! That’s one big way we stand out from other pool parts distributors. To learn more about what it’s like working with Swimline, download our free PDF, The Swimline Difference.

Meet Our Professional Team

Our knowledgeable and experienced team is here to serve!

At SDI, we understand how important it is to genuinely know who you’re working with. We don’t want to be an imagined team behind a fancy website. We want you to know that we’re real people who are loyal to Swimline and to the satisfaction of our pool dealer customers. Each of our team members takes immense pride in the work done on behalf of our dealers, whether it’s meticulously checking each order for accuracy and quality, making sure you’re charged accurate and fair prices, answering questions about our products and brands, or ensuring that there are always enough products on our shelves. We’ve got your back so that you can focus on the success of your business and not have to worry about the products you need to keep it running.

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Swimline Distributors is a great place to work. SDI is also dedicated to providing an encouraging work environment. We firmly believe that happy employees means happy customers, so we are diligent in making Swimline a place our employees want to be each work day. Benefits, flexible schedules and competitive salaries are all part of our mission to make SDI a desired employer.

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Serving your needs as a dealer is what we do best. Swimline is one of the oldest independently owned swimming pool distributors in the country.
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