Top 4 Upgrades Pool Builders Can Offer in Their Projects

With upgrades pool builders can offer in their projects, Swimline has it all.

There are many upgrades pool builders can offer clients who are looking to add a pool at home. Whether you’re a seasoned pool builder or just starting out, Swimline has all the upgrades you need to make your customers happy. Ranging from simple functional upgrades to more complex features like lighting and heating systems and pool automation, there are plenty of ways to add on upgrades that impact pool enjoyment, maintenance, and care. Do you want to know more? Here are four upgrades that pool builders can offer their clients.

1. Functional Upgrades Pool Builders Can Offer

Whether you design custom pools or use vinyl or fiberglass designs, there are options you can offer that can make pool ownership even that much more enjoyable. A popular feature is a tanning ledge or swim-up seating. Both options allow your client to have a serene space to sit and rest while being partially in the water. Adding specialty water features like bubblers, cascades, and even lighting can make their space unbelievably enjoyable.

2. Lighting Upgrades Pool Builders Can Offer

One of the most exciting upgrades you can offer your clients is a lighting system that allows them to customize their pool experience. LED lighting systems are popular choices, as they allow for clear or vibrant colors to be projected onto the walls and floor of the pool. Not only are they beautiful, they add an additional level of safety during nighttime pool use.

3. Heating Upgrades Pool Builders Can Offer

When your clients are looking to maximize the time they can spend in their pool, a heating system is an essential upgrade. Whether it’s an electric, gas, or solar heater, these upgrades will help your client maintain the perfect temperature for their swimming and relaxation needs. Offer an extended pool season for customers with heating upgrades from Swimline.

4. Automation Upgrades Pool Builders Can Offer

For homeowners that want complete control over their pool experience, adding automated controls can be a great choice. Whether it’s through a digital system control, smartphone app, or even voice controls like Alexa, these upgrades will allow your clients to set and adjust the temperature, lighting, and water features with just a few clicks of a button.

Watercare becomes a breeze with chemical dispensing and water quality monitoring, which ensures that your client’s pool is always clean and safe to use. And with a robotic vacuum, your clients can spend more time enjoying their pool and less time manually cleaning it.

Get Started with the Best Upgrades for Your Business

Overall, there are many upgrades that pool builders can offer, and Swimline is the premier place to find all of the upgrades you need for your customers. With top brands like Pentair, Hayward®, Fluidra, Raypak®, Jandy®, Zodiac®, Polaris® and more, you’ll have everything you need to create the best pool experience for your clients.

From functional upgrades like automated cleaners and heaters to lighting upgrades that make their space come alive, Swimline has it all. So, if you’re a pool builder looking for the ultimate upgrades for your projects, look no further than Swimline—your trusted ally in building and equipping the best pools on the planet!

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