5 Things Your Pool Customers Need to Know About Pools (And How You Can Help)

Close-up of a person's feet as they stand at the edge of a diving board. Pool safety tips are essential to pool customers, especially when using a pool like this.

Pools are a fantastic source of entertainment and relaxation for people of all ages. However, pool customers need to know that this cherished pastime involves a certain level of responsibility. Therefore, a pool business, like yours, should prioritize educating customers on the essentials related to pool safety, maintenance, and design.

What Pool Customers Need to Know

After working with pool businesses all over the country for almost 5 decades, we at Swimline have garnered a list of critical tips for pool customers to consider when embarking on their ownership journey. 

1. Pool safety is essential.

Pool safety is a top priority for pool owners and users. There are a few key things that everyone should be aware of to ensure a safe and enjoyable pool experience. These include:

  • Never leave children unattended around the pool.
  • Use proper pool fencing and gates to prevent accidental drownings.
  • Keep a phone and a flotation device near the pool in case of emergencies.
  • Only allow trained swimmers to use the pool.
  • Use proper pool covers to prevent accidents when the pool is not in use.

2. Regular pool maintenance is necessary.

Maintaining a pool requires regular cleaning and upkeep. This includes tasks such as skimming, brushing the pool walls and floor, vacuuming, and adding chemicals properly. It’s vital for pool owners to establish a regular maintenance routine to ensure that the pool stays clean and healthy for swimming.

3. Proper pH and chlorine levels are crucial for pool maintenance.

One of the most important aspects of pool maintenance is ensuring that the pH and chlorine levels are properly balanced. The pH level measures the acidity or basicity of the water. Chlorine is a chemical that is added to pool water to kill bacteria and algae.

The CDC recommends that the pH level should be kept between 7.2 and 7.8, and the chlorine level should be at least 1 part per million (ppm). If the pH or chlorine levels are too high or too low, it can lead to problems such as skin irritation, eye irritation, and even algae growth. 

4. Proper filtration is necessary for clean and clear water.

Another important aspect of pool maintenance is proper filtration. The pool filter removes dirt, debris, and other contaminants from the water. It’s important to regularly clean and maintain the pool filter to ensure that it is working properly. Otherwise, it can lead to cloudy, dirty water and poor water circulation.

5. Not all pool projects are created equal.

When it comes to building and maintaining a pool, pool customers need to understand that not all pools are equal in their complexity. An above-ground pool, for instance, is relatively easy to install and maintain. In-ground pools require more time, resources, and expertise to build and manage.

Custom-designed pools are the most challenging projects. Everything from size, shape, construction materials, and special features is up for consideration. Therefore, pool customers who choose this route should expect to invest more time and money in the project.

How You Can Help Pool Customers

As a pool business professional, you’re in a strong position to empower your customers when it comes to using and caring for their pool. Start by carrying safety and maintenance essentials in your inventory including:

  • safety covers
  • flotation devices
  • high-quality pool chemicals
  • water testing supplies
  • skimmers
  • pool vacuums 

If you have the means, consider adding pool route maintenance service and free water testing to your offerings.

Also, incorporate pool safety and maintenance learning into your pool school sessions for new owners. When they know you take their health and safety so seriously, they’re more likely to come to you in the future for their pool needs.

As for the design process, the key is to maintain clear communication with pool customers early and often. How early? From the first inquiry they make of your business as a lead. Get a sense of their vision before they sign on the dotted line so you can manage expectations and emerge with a happy pool owner.

For deeper learning on how to attract and retain pool customers, visit our Trainings & Education page where you can register for upcoming events serving pool builders and contractors. Also, take a look through our pool equipment so you can stock your shelves with high-quality products that will help keep your customers’ pools clean and safe for years to come.

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