The Latest Trends in Pool Filters: A Guide to Upgrading Pool Equipment

The Latest Trends in Pool Filters: A Guide to Upgrading Pool Equipment

As a pool store owner, staying up-to-date with the latest trends in pool filters and equipment is essential to meet your customers’ evolving needs and preferences. Pool filtration systems play a crucial role in maintaining water clarity and quality, and offering the most advanced and efficient products can set your store apart from the competition. Let’s review the latest trends in pool filters and provide valuable insights into how pool store owners can upgrade their product offerings to meet the demands of today’s pool owners.

Emphasize Cartridge Filters with Enhanced Efficiency

Cartridge filters have been a staple in pool maintenance for a long time, and their popularity continues to grow due to their low maintenance and easy installation. As a pool store owner, it’s crucial to stock cartridge filters that come with enhanced efficiency features. Consider filters with antimicrobial properties, larger surface areas, and improved dirt-holding capacity. These advancements allow the filters to capture more debris and contaminants, extending the time between cleanings and reducing maintenance efforts for pool owners.

Promote Eco-Friendly Sand Filters and Alternative Media

Eco-conscious products are increasingly important to consumers, including pool owners who are seeking sustainable solutions for their pools. Consider stocking sand filters that are designed with larger tanks, reducing the frequency of backwashing and conserving water. Additionally, you could offer sand filters with alternative filter media like recycled glass or zeolite. 

Educate Customers on Variable Speed Pumps

Variable speed pumps are a game-changer in pool circulation systems, offering significant energy savings and improved filtration efficiency. As a pool store owner, educate your customers about the benefits of variable speed pumps and how they can complement their pool filters. Show them how adjusting the pump’s speed and flow rate can lead to energy savings and extend the lifespan of their pool equipment. 

Introduce Automatic Controls

The trend of smart technology has permeated the pool industry, and automatic controls for automated systems are gaining popularity among pool owners. While every system is slightly different, they allow pool owners to control and monitor their pool’s filtration system, among other features, remotely or with an automated schedule. Highlight to your customers the convenience and energy-saving benefits of automatic controls, as well as the ability to optimize pool equipment performance and reduce maintenance costs.

Showcase UV and Ozone Sanitizers

While pool filters are essential for removing debris and large contaminants, UV and ozone sanitizers can complement the filtration process by eliminating bacteria, viruses, and algae. Showcase UV sanitizers that use ultraviolet light to sanitize the water and ozone generators that oxidize contaminants.

The fun and enjoyment of a pool hasn’t changed since its inception. However, as a pool store owner, you know that technology, trends, and consumer preferences are ever changing. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest, most reliable, and best quality pool equipment with Swimline Distributors. Order today by phone, at one of our three Atlanta locations, or by shopping on our online store. Have questions or need more information? Our team would be happy to help! Contact us anytime!

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