Staying Ahead of the Competition: 5 of the Latest Trends in Pool Dealership

Staying ahead of the competition is easy with the latest in pool products from Swimline.

Setting yourself up as the leading pool dealer in your area is an important part of making sure you always have the latest and greatest for your customers. However, pool building season gets so busy that it’s easy to put business planning on the back burner. Don’t think that getting ahead of the competition needs to be difficult. In fact, with Swimline you’ll have all of the products to boost your inventory and keep ahead of the competition. Here are a few of the latest trends in pool products for your business.

1. High-Performance Pumps and Filters

Keeping ahead of the competition means keeping up with pool maintenance products like pumps and filters that provide a higher level of performance than what’s available in your competitors’ stores. With Swimline Distributor’s extensive brands of technologically advanced pumps and filters, you can provide customers with the latest technology for both new pool builds and renovations.

2. Latest Trends in Pool Lighting 

Lighting has come a long way from the traditional pool lights you’d find in any store. With Swimline’s wide selection of lighting products, your pool dealership can provide your customers with the latest in underwater LED lighting and above-ground lighted fountains to upgrade their existing swimming pools. Not only do these lights add a visual appeal to any pool, but they also help to reduce energy costs.

3. Wi-Fi Enabled Automation Systems Keep You Ahead of the Competition

Wi-Fi enabled automation systems are becoming more and more popular in swimming pools as they allow pool owners to control the features of their swimming pool from anywhere in the world. Swimline offers a range of these products, including advanced AOP systems with built-in smartphone applications and automated chemical systems that can be programmed to dispense the right chemicals into the pool as needed.

4. Advanced Pool Cleaners

Keeping ahead of the competition in the pool industry also means being ahead of the game when it comes to cleaning products. Swimline offers a range of advanced robotic cleaners that can be programmed to clean pools faster, better, and more efficiently than ever before.

5. Pool Dealership Salt Systems

Salt systems are becoming increasingly popular with pool owners looking to reduce the amount of chlorine they need to maintain their pools. Swimline has a range of salt-based systems that can be easily installed and set up, allowing customers to enjoy all the benefits of a chlorine-free swimming experience.

By stocking the latest in pool products from Swimline, you can make sure your business is ahead of the competition and provide customers with the highest quality pool products. With these five latest trends in pool offerings, you’ll be prepared to meet any customer’s needs when they come into your store or visit your website. 

With a wide selection of innovative and high-quality products designed to help you keep up with market demands, Swimline has everything you need to put your pool dealership ahead of the competition. Register as a Swimline dealer for premier pricing and same-day shipping on products that can put you in the lead in your local area.

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