Salt Systems for Pools: A Guide to Installation and Maintenance

Salt Systems for Pools: A Guide to Installation and Maintenance

In recent years, salt systems for pools have been growing in popularity with both new and experienced pool owners. Attractive benefits, such as not handling chlorine, no chemical odor, and being gentle on skin and hair, draws many people to want to learn more about this traditional chlorine alternative. As a pool professional, what is the best way to prepare yourself, your employees, and your store for serving customers interested in salt systems? Start by checking out this guide to navigating the installation and maintenance of salt systems as a pool professional.

Installation Tips for Pool Professionals

As a pool store owner, it’s important to have an understanding of the installation process involved in salt systems, even if you don’t handle the installation yourself. While each brand and model will have specific installation nuances, here are a few steps pool store owners can take for all salt systems for pools.

Educate Yourself

Familiarize yourself with various salt system brands and models available. Take time for professional development and research the features, specifications, and compatibility with different pool types and sizes.

Provide Expert Advice

Just as important, train your staff so they can offer knowledgeable advice on the installation process. Equip them with the necessary product knowledge to guide customers in choosing the right system and ensure they understand the installation requirements.

Stock the Right Products

Determine which salt systems align with your customers’ needs and preferences. Stock an assortment of systems suitable for different pool sizes and budgets to cater to a wide range of customers. At Swimline, we carry only the best and most trusted salt system brands, allowing you to pass along quality, longevity, and peace of mind to your customers. 

Professional Installation Services

If you don’t already, consider offering professional installation services to customers who prefer expert assistance. If not, be ready with the contact information of a trusted professional you can recommend to your customers.

Maintenance Tips for Pool Professionals

Many pool owners gravitate towards salt systems because they believe it requires less maintenance than traditional chlorine based systems. However, salt water pools still need regular maintenance, and it’s important to guide your customers on proper upkeep. Here are a few essential maintenance tips to share.

Customer Education

Start by busting the myth that salt water pools don’t require ongoing care. Educate your customers on the importance of regular maintenance to ensure optimal system performance. You could even provide them with informative resources outlining maintenance guidelines when appropriate.

Salinity Testing

Encourage customers to regularly test their pool’s salinity level using a salt test kit. Explain the recommended salinity range of around 3000 to 3400 ppm, and assist them in understanding how to adjust the salt level if needed.

Cell Cleaning

Teach customers the importance of inspecting and cleaning the salt cell periodically, typically every three months. Provide instructions on how to remove and gently clean the cell to prevent calcium build-up or other debris that may hinder its functionality.

Water Balance

Salt water has a propensity to knock pool water’s pH out of whack. For this reason, among others, emphasize the significance of maintaining proper water balance by regularly testing and adjusting the pool’s pH level. Help customers understand how pH affects chlorine production and can be harmful if not kept in the correct ranges, typically between 7.2 and 7.6.

Professional Maintenance Services

For pool owners who’d rather not deal with pool maintenance, offer maintenance packages or routine inspections. This service can include checking the system’s components, cleaning the pool’s interior, balancing the water, assessing chlorine output, and addressing any potential issues.

Incorporating salt systems into your pool store’s product offerings can provide a competitive edge and attract customers seeking an alternative to traditional chlorine options. By understanding the installation process and providing maintenance guidance, you can become a trusted resource for those wanting to use salt systems for their pool. If you have questions or would like further information on salt systems, contact us at any time. Shop our salt systems for pool and other pool products online today!

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