Pool Stores vs. Online Shopping: Welcome to the Digital Age

Pool Stores vs. Online Shopping: Welcome to the Digital Age

From TikTok trends and e-books to driverless cars and in-home robots, welcome to the digital age, indeed! For those in the pool industry, the big question remains, how does the digital age affect the customer shopping experience and trends? From our team at Swimline Distributors, let’s parse out the difference between pool stores and online shopping, and answer how you can continue to reach customers and maximize sales as a pool professional. 

How is online shopping changing the game for pool stores?

With access to the web at our fingertips nearly 24 hours a day, online shopping is certainly changing consumer trends. First, online shopping has created more knowledgeable customers. They’ve typically done their homework, researching and comparing the best pool parts and products. 

Second, online shopping allows customers to quickly and effectively compare prices between stores. As a local brick and mortar pool store, keeping your prices competitive is a necessity. 

Do customers prefer online shopping or visiting a pool store?

According to a study on consumer trends published in Forbes magazine, 59% of today’s shoppers prefer online shopping. Some of the reasons shoppers have this tendency include the convenience of shopping from home and access to a plethora of product information and reviews. 

However, as a brick and mortar pool store, all is not lost. To attract customers to your pool store and keep them coming back, highlight your assets that set you apart from exclusively online shops. For starters, as a pool store you offer yourself. Online shopping has no match for the experience and expertise of your staff, off of whom customers can bounce questions and ask for personalized recommendations. 

Next, as a pool store, you have the advantage of immediate availability. If a customer needs a pool part, they can get it right away instead of waiting for it to arrive by shipping. Be sure to keep your store well stocked and order new inventory from Swimline as needed. With our fast nationwide shipping, we can help you stay stocked and ready.

As a local pool store, you also have the added bonus of being a face with a reputation in your local community. Online stores can be impersonal, inanimate, and apathetic to customer needs. Work hard to build a reputation of trust, integrity, and care in your community. In doing so, customers will bypass the convenience of online shopping to continue their relationship with you.

As a pool professional, how can I adapt to the digital age?

At the end of the day, remember that online shopping is not the enemy. At Swimline, we recommend that you join the online shopping party to not only keep up with the digital age, but also to appeal to and reach as many customers as you can. Building out an online store can be a great tool to add to your pool store belt and maximize your sales potential.

How can Swimline Distributors help me along the way?

At Swimline, we believe remaining relevant in the digital age as a pool store isn’t as bleak or challenging as it might seem. By stocking the best brands at affordable prices, having knowledgeable and helpful customer service, and embracing online shopping, you can thrive in this new era of consumer trends. 

Let us help you thrive in today’s market. We offer a wide selection of exclusively high quality pool products by trusted brands at the best prices, making you and your customers happy. Get started with Swimline today by registering as a dealer and shopping our online store. Have questions or need help? Contact our team any time!

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