Pool Salt Systems: A Guide to the Best Brands and Products

Pool Salt Systems: A Guide to the Best Brands and Products

Offering pool salt systems at your pool store gives your customers options when choosing the best sanitizer for their pool needs. As a pool professional, you know that salt water pools are known to provide unique benefits, including being gentler on hair, skin, and eyes, eliminating the need to store pool chemicals, and minimizing pool maintenance needs. But before offering pool salt systems to your customers, it’s important to do your research for your customers’ sake. From our team at Swimline Distributors, here is a guide to the best brands and products for pool salt systems.

Choose Brands with a Proven Track Record

Trust only the best and most loved brands for the pool salt systems you carry. We recommend sticking with brands such as Polaris®, Pentair®, Jandy®, and Hayward®.  In doing so, you will ensure quality products, satisfied customers, and reliable access to warranty or customer service needs.

At Swimline, we are a family owned and operated business, founded in 1976 on principles of integrity, reliability, quality, and customer care. All these years later, we are committed to those same essentials. This includes carrying only premium and trusted brands. When you partner with Swimline as your pool supply distributor, you can have peace of mind you will have access to the best pool brands in the industry.

Our Favorite Pool Salt Systems

We recommend you check out the Pentair salt systems for your pool store. Both the iChlor and IntelliChlor® Systems are excellent salt generators with varying and exciting features, including an easy to read display, steady salt distribution for precise chlorine levels, salt cell life detection, and more! Both models are easy to use and make owning a saltwater pool a breeze.

Don’t Forget Salt System Accessories

Pool salt systems work best in conjunctions with a few additional pool products and equipment. For starters, encourage any saltwater pool owners to use a high quality automatic cleaner. The reason being, salt water pools are known to leave mineral deposits or build up on the surface of the pool, especially along the water line. With an automatic cleaner, you can eliminate this concern with minimal elbow grease.

Salt water pools also need a reliable and effective pool pump. As you know, salt water pools rely on the pump to fully and properly circulate the water, ensuring passage through the salt cell and well distributed chlorine. At Swimline, find a large offering of single speed, two speed, and variable speed pumps.

Purchase from a Reputable Distributor

Does the quality of your pool supply distributor matter? We absolutely believe so! A reputable distributor can be trusted to provide products with consistent quality, proven results, fair prices, and trustworthy recommendations.

To learn more about pool salt systems, contact our team at Swimline Distributors, the premier pool parts distributor in the Southeast. You can also read here for more on the latest pool salt system trends. Register as a dealer today and find a large inventory of high quality pool products for your customers. Partner with Swimline for all your pool supply needs and enjoy our quick nationwide shipping, affordable pricing, and a knowledgeable and experienced staff. 

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