How to Stay Engaged with Pool Leads and Customers

Overhead shot of a laptop keyboard next to an open appointment planner book at the edge of an inground pool. When maintaining engagement with pool leads and pool customers, sales professionals should follow best practices with email and in-person meetings.

There’s an important question for pool builders everywhere: How does your sales team turn pool leads into pool customers? Hopefully, you have multiple answers to this question. A multi-faceted approach to customer attraction and retention will yield more profitable results for your business in the long run. At Swimline, we strongly suggest your sales professional keep the following strategies in their repertoire. 

Engagement Basics for Pool Leads and Pool Customers

When it comes to your consumer engagement, the objective is for all parties involved to get something out of the transaction. The consumer gets a fantastic pool or pool-related service, and your team gets a sale. The key to success in this endeavor is remembering that different people want different things at different times. 

But no matter what stage of the game you and your prospective clients find yourself in, remember a few things:

  • Be specific. Get as much information as possible on the prospect’s goals and resources (i.e., time and money).
  • Be transparent. Set realistic expectations about what can be achieved with the given resources.
  • Be timely. Follow up with prospects regularly, even if it’s just to ask if they have any further questions or concerns.

When it comes to staying engaged with pool leads and customers, the best practices can vary depending on the communication method. But there are some basics that all sales professionals should keep in mind.

Emailing Prospects

For email, it’s important to make sure the tone of your message is as friendly and helpful as possible. Try to avoid sounding too pushy or sales-y. And be sure to include clear and concise instructions on what the customer should do next.

This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate visuals into your messaging. If you’re emailing a pool lead, include relevant photos or links to your online gallery that showcase ideas they can incorporate into their own pool design. 

If you’re emailing an existing pool customer, link to pool products or services they may need at certain points in their ownership. For instance, if they’re due for a pool cleaning, hit them up with imagery of an automatic pool vacuum you sell or your service team making a house call.

Phoning Prospects

When it comes to phone calls, you should be prepared with a script that covers the main points you want to make. Even if you don’t follow the script to the letter, it will give you a reliable list of questions ready to ask the prospect. This will help you determine their needs and figure out if they’re a good fit for a specific product or service.

Pro tip: When a lead makes a first contact via phone, use that opportunity to ask for their email address so you can send them pictures. 

Meeting Prospects In Person

And finally, when meeting with prospects in person, it’s important to take notes so you can follow up later. Again, be sure to ask lots of questions and get as much information as possible. A reliable way to succeed in this area is to have a guest card or standard form that captures all the essential information you need from them (e.g., contact information, project goals, budget, etc.). 

As much as possible, treat the completion of this form as an interview in which you gather information in a personable manner. Don’t just hand prospects a form, ask them to complete it, and walk away. Make it a dialogue. Even if they’re returning customers, and you don’t need them to fill anything out, the transaction will go smoother if you invite them to exchange information with you through conversation.

Earn More Pool Leads and Customers

When you put these various strategies into practice at the appropriate times, you’ll earn more responsive pool leads and, thus, more loyal customers. For more ideas on how to refine your sales approach even further, check out our training events for pool dealers and contractors. And, as always, feel free to contact us to set up your Swimline dealer partnership at any time!

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