Pool Equipment Upgrade: Top 4 Products to Offer in Your Store

A modern house with an inground pool sitting in the sunlight. With pools such as these in the market, it's important for pool businesses to stay abreast of the latest pool equipment for their customers.

If you own a pool store, then you know that keeping up with the latest pool equipment is crucial to staying competitive. As technology advances, so do the products that make pool maintenance easier, more efficient, and more energy-efficient.

One of the most important areas for upgrades is within the pool’s equipment pad. This includes the pump, filter, heater, and automation systems that keep your customers’ pools clean and clear. Here’s how each of these components can enhance your customers’ pool experiences.

1. Variable-Speed Pool Pumps

One of the biggest energy hogs in a pool system is the pump. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, pool pumps, in general, consume up to a few thousand-kilowatt hours per year, making it a runner-up to your air conditioner as a contributor to your electric bill. 

This is where variable-speed pool pumps come in. Unlike traditional single-speed pumps that run at a fixed speed, variable-speed pumps can be programmed to run at different speeds at different times of the day. This means that they require only a fraction of the energy needed to run single-speed pumps, which can result in significant savings on energy bills.

2. Cartridge Filters

Another area where pool equipment has improved in recent years is pool filters. Cartridge filters are a popular choice for pool owners because they are easy to clean and require less maintenance than traditional sand filters. They are also more efficient at filtering out small particles than sand filters, which can improve water clarity and reduce the amount of chemicals needed to maintain the pool.

Cartridge filters work by trapping debris in a replaceable cartridge, which can be easily removed and hosed off when dirty. They also have a larger surface area than sand filters, which means that they can handle a higher flow rate and generally eliminate the need for backwashing.

3. Pool Heaters

If your customers live in an area with cooler temperatures, then a pool heater is a must-have. Pool heaters allow pool owners to extend their swimming season and enjoy their pool when temperatures drop. There are multiple types of pool heaters on the market. The most common are gas-powered heaters which use natural gas or propane. They are quick to heat up the pool and can maintain a consistent temperature regardless of the weather. Alternatives include electric and solar-powered heaters.

4. Automation Systems

Automation systems are becoming increasingly popular in the world of pool equipment. These systems allow pool owners to control their pool equipment from their smartphone or tablet, which means that they can adjust settings and monitor their pool from anywhere. Automation systems can control everything from pumps and filters to heaters and lighting, and can even be programmed to turn on and off at specific times.

In addition to their convenience, automation systems can also improve energy efficiency by optimizing the pool’s equipment settings. For example, a pool automation system can adjust the pump speed based on the time of day or the temperature of the water, which can result in significant energy savings.

Your Upgraded Pool Equipment Distributor

By offering top products such as variable-speed pool pumps, cartridge filters, pool heaters, and automation systems, you can help your customers save energy, time, and money. These products can also improve the overall health of the pool, which can lead to happier and more satisfied customers.

When it comes to pool equipment upgrades, Swimline is your leading source for products and expertise. With over four decades in the industry, we know how to help pool businesses identify and procure the best for their customers.  Contact us or visit our online store today. We’ll direct you to a wealth of high-quality products and learning resources to help you grow your pool business.

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