Pool Equipment 101: The Best Products for Optimal Performance

Pool Equipment 101: The Best Products for Optimal Performance

Everyone loves quality, efficiency, and products that truly get the job done. And when it comes to pool equipment, pool newbies and seasoned pros alike are always on the hunt for the best products. This swim season, bring your customers the best of the best with Swimline’s proven and tested pool equipment. Here are some of the best products you can offer your customers for optimal pool performance. 

Pump it Up with Pool Pumps

As you know, pool pumps are critical to keeping pools clean and safe to use. So, it should be no surprise that your customers would be interested in finding a more effective and efficient pool pump. With the right new pool pump, pool owners can get big-time energy efficiency, maximum water flow, and significant savings. At Swimline Distributors, we offer exceptional single speed, variable speed, and booster pool pumps. 

Filtered Success with Pool Filters

The right pool filter may be different for each pool owner and their individual needs. But, every pool owner wants the same things from their pool filter: low maintenance, easy to use, and excellent performance. At Swimline, we carry only the best brands and models that meet these exact desires. You can choose from our selection of DE, Sand, and Cartridge Pool Filters.  

We’ve Gotcha Covered with Pool Covers

Yes, a pool cover protects pools during the offseason, but the right pool cover can do far more than that! With an automatic pool cover, your customers can keep their pool covered between uses. This is an amazing safety feature that can prevent children, pets, or wildlife from getting in the pool. Additionally, keeping a pool covered will also prevent leaves, pollen, or other debris from finding their way inside, saving the pool pump and filter from having to work overtime. So offering your customers an automatic pool cover helps protect their investment.

Turn Up the Heat with Pool Heaters

We’ve all heard about (or maybe participated in) Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve swim parties. Indeed, thanks to mild winter weather in the Southeast, pool owners have the option to keep their pool open all year long. However, even when the outside air temperature is warm, the water can still be quite chilly. With a high-quality pool heater, give your customers the option to extend swim season with comfortable water temperatures.

Keep Things Under Control with Automatic Pool Controls 

What is one thing all pool owners want? The unanimous answer is more pool fun, less pool “work”. Automatic pool controls do just that while making their pools work more efficiently. These innovative and easy-to-use pool controls make pool ownership simple.

The various automation technologies include features such as controlling water temperature, lights, and water features, adjusting sanitizer, creating and setting schedules, and more. Using automatic pool controls is not only fun and convenient, but it can also bring significant energy savings as well. In a world of automaticity and smartphone attachment, automatic pool equipment is a big desire among pool owners.

Get the Best Pool Equipment for Your Customers 

Offer your customers the best pool equipment with Swimline Distributors. If you have questions about our products, contact our team who’d be happy to help. To place an order, you can call us with your order, stop by any of our three Georgia locations, or order directly from our website. With our fast nationwide shipping, you’ll be ready to provide your customers with optimal performance pool equipment in no time!

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