Pool Builders: Why Having a Waitlist is Worth It 

A calendar, a pair of sunglasses, and a halved orange sit at the edge of an inground pool in the daylight. When scheduling new projects, it benefits pool builders to have a waitlist to maintain engagement with potential customers.

When the pandemic hit, pool builders across the country saw an unprecedented demand for custom pools and spas. This is because the constraints of quarantine made the idea of a private backyard oasis in the form of a pool a much more appealing idea to homeowners. Consequently, pool builders’ waitlists grew rapidly. 

So, was this growth a blessing or a burden for their business? At Swimline, we maintain that having a waitlist is, indeed, a good thing. 

Why a Waitlist?

When homeowners are in the market for a pool, chances are they’ve come across a pool builder with a waitlist. Immediately, they wonder what all the fuss is about. Why would anyone want to wait months or even years for their pool?

This kick starts a chain reaction between the consumer and the pool builder that, ideally, benefits them both. Here are a few reasons why the waiting list benefits pool builders specifically.

It Enhances the Perceived Value of a Custom Pool

Pool builders, think about all the pictures displayed in your gallery of beautiful pools you’ve built. What do you suppose can happen when consumers encounter that gallery and find out that there’s a waitlist for pools like those? The result is more people thinking, “If there are so many people wanting these types of pools, these builders must really know what they’re doing. That’s the type of pool I want!”

When people know that there is a waitlist for pool builders, it creates an air of exclusivity and makes their product seem more desirable. This can make potential customers more likely to buy from them, even if they’re not the cheapest option.

It Improves Customer Experience

No one likes to wait, but it beats being told that they can’t be helped at all. By offering potential customers an impressive consultation and the option to go on a waitlist, you send a message that you have put them on your radar, even if you can’t commit to their project construction immediately. This makes them less likely to abandon your business for a competitor.

While a long wait can be frustrating, it also builds anticipation and excitement for the consumer. This is also a great opportunity for your sales team to build a relationship with the customer. Keep the correspondence going through email and by phone, and you’re more likely to convert that consumer into a full-fledged buyer. 

It Helps Retain Customers

When customers finally receive their pool, they’ll be thrilled with the results. This can help improve customer satisfaction and encourage them to refer others to the pool builder. And when you add this good, old-fashioned word-of-mouth strategy to the mix, you’re in for some prosperous business.

Losing a customer can be costly for a pool builder, and it can take months or even years to replace customers. Implementing a waiting list with ongoing correspondence helps keep consumers educated on pool building requirements and encourages them to stick with that pool builder until their pool is ready to be built. This increases loyalty and builds long-term relationships with customers.

It Provides an Opportunity to Market Other Services

Pool builders often offer additional services such as pool maintenance, landscaping, patio installation, and so on. They also can offer additional products like chemicals, equipment, toys, floats, and even aquatic alternatives like hot tubs. 

When potential customers see that there is a waiting list, it gives them an opportunity to inquire about these other products and services while they wait. When your sales team follows up effectively, those same shoppers may purchase another offering as they wait for their pool. This can help increase revenue and grow the business overall.

Your Pools Are Worth the Wait

As the examples above demonstrate, a waitlist can be a major benefit to pool builders when used effectively. Send the message that your pools are worth the wait and contact us at Swimline with any other questions you may have about how to offer the right products to help you build relationships with prospective pool owners.

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