Our Top Energy-Efficient Pool Products: Ranked

Our Top Energy-Efficient Pool Products: Ranked

In the age of rising electrical costs, energy-efficient pool products are becoming increasingly important to pool owners. Not only do customers want a pool built that is stunning and attractive, they also want one that won’t break the bank to operate throughout the year. That’s why Swimline offers the leading brands of top energy-efficient pool products to make pool ownership incredible. From energy-efficient pool pumps, filters, and heaters to automation and lighting, your customers have an array of options to help lower pool operating costs. Here are our top products ranked.

#1: Top Energy-Efficient Pool Pumps

At the top of our list for energy-efficient pool products is variable speed pumps. These pumps consume up to 90% less energy than traditional single-speed pool pumps, making them an obvious choice for any discerning pool owner looking to save money on their utility bills. With Swimline options that adjust flow rates to maintain optimal flow throughout the pre-programmed filtration cycle, energy efficiency goals are easily met.

#2 Top Energy-Efficient Pool Filters

Next on our list of energy-efficient pool products are powerful filters to help keep water sparkling. While variable speed pumps have been shown to be the most energy-saving option, customers can also save by upgrading their filtration system. With energy-efficient pool filters such as cartridge and diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filters, your customers can enjoy clean, clear water with ease.

#3 Top Energy-Efficient Pool Lighting

Energy efficiency can also be improved with the right pool lighting. Not only does great pool lighting transform the look and ambiance of your customers’ pools, it also helps to reduce energy costs by up to 70% when compared to traditional halogen lighting solutions. With energy-efficient lighting from Swimline, your customers can enjoy safe, cost-effective lighting for their beautiful pool area.

#4 Top Energy-Efficient Pool Heaters

Another top product category is energy-efficient pool heaters. With a number of different heater types available at Swimline, energy-efficient options can powerfully heat pools in a cost- effective way.

#5 Top Energy-Efficient Pool Automation

Pool automation is the name of the game for energy efficient solutions for pools. By investing in a quality pool automation system from Swimline, your customers can take complete control of their energy use. Automated systems allow for easy scheduling of filtration and heating times, as well as the ability to turn off lights and other devices when they are not needed. This energy saving solution is perfect for the customer that wants convenience and cost savings.

Where Can I Find Top Energy-Efficient Pool Products?

At Swimline, it’s always our goal to deliver superior products that enhance energy-efficient pool ownership.  Whether you’re looking for industry-leading variable speed pumps, top-rated solar heaters, or top-of-the-line lighting and automation systems, we have everything your customers need to enjoy their pool with ease and efficiency. And with leading brands like Pentair, Fluidra®, Hayward®, Jandy®, Polaris®, Zodiac®, Raypak®, Challenger®, Purex® and more, you can be sure that there’s no better swimming experience in the world than a Swimline pool.

Find nationwide, fast shipping options and incredible support for your pool needs. It couldn’t be easier to get leading professional products for your customers. Browse our brands and products to get started on superior energy-efficient pool products today.

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