How to Stay Top of Mind During the Pool Industry Off-Season

How to Stay Top of Mind During the Pool Industry Off-Season

In the pool industry off-season, it may feel like a breath of fresh air to have a minute where the demands of pool building are on pause. From focusing on areas of your business that need a bit of attention to taking that well-deserved vacation with your family, a little breather is a welcomed respite.

But after a few weeks, you may start to notice that the break has impacted your bottom line. What can you do to stay in your customer’s hearts and minds during the pool industry off-season? Here are some of the best ways to keep yourself at the forefront.

Start a Social Media Gallery Campaign

As those days of winter come rolling in, customers long for pool season to start up again. Take advantage of this pool industry downtime by kicking off a social media gallery campaign to showcase your products and services. Post photos of completed pool projects, pool parties, pool events – anything that will keep the excitement bubbling until spring arrives. Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or even Pinterest, social media is a great way to get your name noticed in your community.

Host Educational Events During the Pool Industry Off-Season

Another great way to stay top of mind during the pool industry off-season is to host educational events geared towards pool owners. This could include seminars on winter pool maintenance, automated or winter pool covers, or DIY projects that customers can take on during the off-season. By giving pool owners valuable information and resources, you can keep them coming back to your business year after year.

Nurture Interested Clients with Design Incentives

If you’ve collected past leads who have not become pool purchasers, this may be the perfect time to reach out and start a conversation. Send interested leads an email with ideas on pool design and pool features that they might like. By nurturing inactive leads during the pool industry off-season, you can keep them excited about pool season and eventually convert them into pool buyers once spring rolls around again.

Start booking for the new year now! Offer incentives to interested clients who sign up during the pool industry off-season for their spring or summer pool build. Doing so can help you increase sales, build up your customer base, and maintain your pool industry reputation as a top seller. From a free design consultation to a water care chemical starter package, there are excellent perks you can offer to set your business up for continual success.

Swimline is Your Trusted Pool Industry Partner in the Off-Season

At the end of the day, staying top of mind during the pool industry off-season requires a little bit of creativity and strategic thinking. But with these helpful tips in mind, you can give your pool business a boost and keep customers coming back for more every year. Whether it’s through social media campaigns, educational events, or design incentives, there are many ways to stay connected with your pool-buying audience during the off-season. And with sensational pool products and equipment from Swimline, you’ll be leading the pack all through the cool months of winter. Start planning now and kick off pool season for the new year on the right foot!

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