How to Save Your Pool Customers Money Without Losing Money for Your Business

Two pool customers browsing chemicals displayed on the shelf of a pool store.

As a pool dealer, how important is it that you help pool customers save money? In short, it’s non-negotiable. This may seem counterintuitive at first. After all, your goal, as a business, is to make money. But remember — your business needs customers in order to make money. And your customer’s goal is to save money. 

So how do you achieve a balance between helping customers save money and generating enough revenue that you stay on the right side of the business? After 46 years in business, the staff at Swimline have seen pool dealers adopt numerous value-adding strategies to help their customers save money without losing money themselves. Here, we delve into a few.

Pool Route Maintenance Service 

One way pool dealers can enhance their business while helping their customers save money is by offering pool route maintenance services. This service continues to grow in popularity with dealers across the nation as it helps customers with the regular, thorough upkeep of their pool. 

Ask any pool customer about how much time and effort it can take to maintain their pool properly. They’ll reply with a list of to-dos that includes vacuuming, balancing the water chemistry, cleaning the filters, and a host of other check-up tasks related to the pump, the cover, and so on. The bigger the pool, the bigger the job. Failure to execute maintenance well heightens the risk of needing expensive repairs or replacements in the future. 

Pool route maintenance service from the dealer helps reduce the burden placed on the owner. No customer needs to worry about the skimmer baskets being emptied or the appropriate chlorine quantities going into the water, because it’s on the service team’s calendar. 

In turn, pool customers have more time to enjoy their pool while meeting the many other demands competing for their attention. Furthermore, they won’t have to contend with blocked plumbing, algae growth, and other costly consequences of lapsed pool maintenance.  

Energy-Efficient Pool Equipment 

Who wouldn’t love to save money on their electric bill? Pool customers are especially eager to curb their energy expenses. That’s why having a healthy selection of energy-efficient pool equipment in your inventory can pay significant dividends. 

There are plenty of items you can put on your shelves to help pool customers conserve energy. These include:

  • Variable speed pumps
  • Heat pumps
  • Cartridge filters
  • Solar covers
  • LED lights
  • Electronic control systems

Alternative Sanitation Products 

Chlorine is usually the go-to pool chemical when it comes to pool sanitation. While a good chlorine product gets the job done, the expense can snowball depending on how large the pool is and your customer’s usage of it. However, you can help your customers save money by selling alternative sanitation products. 

When a chlorine shortage hit the pool industry during the pandemic, consumers and producers alike went searching for viable alternatives. Since then, the entire market has become more accustomed to using alternative sanitation products like bromine, saltwater systems, and ozone systems to help reduce the need for chlorine and, thereby, mitigate the cost of sanitation over time.

A Blog for Pool Customers

As your presence on this page demonstrates, consumers appreciate when you provide thoughtful, well-researched content that can enhance their ownership experience. Therefore, one of the most versatile elements you can add to your business is a blog for pool customers. By doing this, you’ll further cultivate a relationship with your customers and enhance your SEO ranking, which drives traffic to your website. 

Publish articles on various topics, including money-saving tips. Be sure to conclude each entry with a call to action inviting readers to engage with your brand further, be it online, in person, or via phone.

With that said, learn how other dealers achieve an economic win-win for themselves and their customers by checking out our listed training events for pool dealers and contractors. As always, feel free to contact us with your pool equipment and education needs so we can help your business grow!

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