Pool Stores: How to Maximize Your Customer’s Shopping Experience

Pool Stores: How to Maximize Your Customer’s Shopping Experience

According to business guru and author Michael LeBoeuf, “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”  After nearly 50 years in the pool industry at Swimline Distributors, we know that a satisfied customer starts with a pleasant and helpful shopping experience. As you seek to make and keep your customers happy, here are a few ideas on how to maximize the shopping experience in your pool store.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

Make your pool store a place where customers feel welcomed and enjoy being. Start by ensuring your store is clean, well-organized, and visually appealing. A tidy and visually appealing space not only creates a positive first impression, it also makes customers feel comfortable to continue browsing. Customers want products that are well marked, clear signage throughout the store, and prices clearly labeled. In addition, have staff members greet customers and provide assistance when needed.

Knowledgeable Staff

The attitude and knowledge of a staff often becomes a store’s reputation, for better or worse. With friendly, helpful employees, you not only make the shopping experience enjoyable, you grow your reputation for excellent customer care and service. Take the time and energy to invest in your staff, training them to be knowledgeable about pool products, maintenance, and troubleshooting common pool issues. The most helpful staff members ask questions, actively listen to customers’ needs, and provide personalized recommendations.

Pool Product Selection

When they enter your store, pool owners are interested in finding proven, high quality, and name brand products they can trust. As a result, you need to carefully select the pool products you carry. You might also consider offering quality products at varying price points. 

At Swimline Distributors, we want to be your one-stop pool supplies distributor. We offer a wide range of exceptional pool products for your pool store from all the best brands, including Pentair®, Zodiac®, Hayward®, Fluidra®, Jandy®, Raypak®, Polaris®. To check out our full offerings of equipment and parts, register as a dealer.

Keep Products In Stock 

Avoid customer frustration and disappointment by keeping your pool products available and in stock. As the Southeast’s premier equipment distributor, we have a large selection of products and super fast shipping. We offer shipping throughout the United States, and typically ship in as little as three days. In addition, those local to the Atlanta area can choose local pickup or delivery. Keep your shelves stocked and your customers happy with Swimline.

Maintain an Online Store.

Shopping from home is one of life’s greatest conveniences and allows customers to shop your store at any time of day. With a user-friendly website, you can not only keep customers satisfied, you can greatly increase your sales. Learn more about how to use and set up a great eCommerce experience for your customers.

Happy customers are returning customers. At Swimline Distributors, we want to provide your pool store with all the parts you need, from the best brands, at the best prices so that you can make and keep long term customers. Register as a dealer to begin shopping our products online, or contact our team with questions. We look forward to partnering with you to create the ultimate shopping experience.

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