High-Quality Pool Products: How to Know You’re Offering Them in Your Store

Medium shot of a young swimmer in orange swim trunks laying face down on an orange pool float while embracing a beach ball that looks like a yellow soccer ball. It's important the pool products like floats and toys be high-quality for the sake of user safety and enjoyment.

Your standing as a pool dealer depends on your ability to offer high-quality pool products to your customers. But you don’t always have the capacity to take each product home, test it out yourself, and get quick results. So how do you determine the quality of the pool products you sell? It’s a process that involves recognizing the signs of a solid product before, during, and after its time in your inventory.

Investigating Pool Products Before the Sale

Before ordering pool products for your store, research the pool product and its manufacturer. Get familiar with customer ratings, reviews, and feedback to get an idea of how well the pool product has performed in the past. Check out other pool product websites for more detailed information about a specific product’s features, specs, warranty coverage, and other important details. 

During this process, don’t forget to search under the “News” heading of the search engine when you research the product and the manufacturer. This will help illuminate any significant developments, be they positive or negative, on product lines. This is especially true when it comes to recalls. Consumer reports are fast to generate headlines pertaining to defective equipment or questionable production practices.

At this stage, you also want to examine what efforts, if any, the manufacturer has made to cultivate a relationship with you as a prospective client. Just as you prioritize following up with your leads, pool equipment manufacturers should do the same for you. Pay special attention to how often and thoroughly a specific person customizes their correspondence with you. Do sales or service reps respond by email or phone quickly to address your questions? Did you have a helpful conversation with someone at a trade show? If so, these are good signs that the product in question has potential.

Monitoring Pool Products at the Point of Sale

If you decide, through your research, that the pool product is worth a trial run in your store, start by ordering a unit, and test it for yourself whenever possible. No matter what quantity you order, try to inspect the product(s) when they arrive in-store to make sure they are up to standard in both the packaging and the product itself. 

Is this possible 100% of the time? No. For instance, you may have a hot tub on special order from the manufacturer that goes straight to your customer’s home for freight efficiency. But no matter where you first make contact with the product, give it a meticulous looking over. If you’re not satisfied with what you see or if something doesn’t look right, contact the manufacturer immediately.

You also want to pay close attention to how customers interact with pool products during their time in your store so that you can recognize any deficiencies early on. 

Customer Feedback After the Sale

Regularly collecting customer reviews and feedback is one of the best ways to determine pool product quality after the sale. Find ways to document and categorize your customers’ ratings, reviews, complaints, and praise when they share their experiences with pool products. This will give you a better idea of how customers view the products you carry and can help you adjust or improve your product selection accordingly.  

If your business uses customer relationship management (CRM) software, you can explore different integrations that let you collect and categorize your customer feedback in one convenient place.

High-Quality Pool Products for Dealers

When it comes to offering high-quality pool products in your store, always remember the importance of research, inspection, and customer feedback. By gathering detailed information on pool products before, during, and after their time on your floor, you can gain and give valuable insight into the true quality of pool products on the market. 

Want more pool product tips? Visit our FAQ page or contact us at Swimline. We’ll link you to valuable resources to help ensure that you stock your business with only high-quality pool products.

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