Everything You Need to Know About Hydroxyl-Based AOP Pool Sanitizers

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As product shortages drag on, pool pros are looking for more options to traditional chlorine sanitizers, both to have additional product lines for customers and to have options when it comes to keeping your service routes running. The most popular options, of course, include saltwater, UV, bromine, and AOP sanitizers.

We’d like to take a moment to explain why we at Swimline are huge fans of hydroxyl-based AOP sanitizer.

What are Hydroxyl-based AOP Sanitizers?

AOP stands for Advanced Oxidation Process. In chemistry, hydroxyl are functional groups containing an oxygen atom and hydrogen atoms. In simple terms, hydroxyl radicals are a chemical compound that can be found in alcohols and other products. Just as whiskey or vodka can kill germs and bacteria in a wound, hydroxyl alcohol can kill germs in swimming pools.

In the past, AOP was more commonly used by water parks and larger-scale water treatment facilities, but has since been adapted for smaller-scale pool sanitization. It’s now a viable option for your customers’ backyard pools.

The Selling Points of AOP Pool Sanitizer

Now that you understand what AOP is and how it works as a sanitizer, how do you convince your customers it’s a good option to chlorine, or perhaps the saltwater and UV systems they’ve seen online?

Here are five outstanding selling points for AOP sanitizer. These certainly aren’t the only advantages, but we believe these five alone are essential and will convince even the savviest consumers that it’s an excellent alternative to chlorine.

1. An Abundant Alternative 

While workers hustle to rebuild the chlorine manufacturing plant, chlorine shortages and higher prices are expected to run well into 2023. Depending on the state of the economy and other factors, there’s really no telling when chlorine supplies will return to the abundance we enjoyed pre-pandemic.

Fortunately, hydroxyl-based AOP sanitizers–such as Clear Comfort–have been successfully used on industrial-sized pools before, including water parks, so you can be certain it’s a trustworthy alternative, even beyond when chlorine supplies return to normal.

2. A Safer Alternative

Unlike chlorine, AOP pool sanitizers do not create toxic byproducts. Many swimmers try to avoid chlorine pools due to the itchy eyes, dry skin, and sore throats it can cause. Hydroxyl-based AOP pool sanitizers are safer for everyone to enjoy, from kids to senior citizens to people with sensitive skin. 

3. A More Efficient Sanitization

Despite the fact that hydroxyl-based AOP is gentler for its users, it’s also highly effective. According to research, the hydroxyl radicals can eliminate up to 99% of contaminants–often fully outperforming chlorine in this regard. And who wouldn’t want to try out a more efficient product?

Everything You Need to Know About Hydroxyl-Based AOP Pool Sanitizers

4. A Healthier Sanitizer

Because hydroxyl-based AOP pool sanitizers are both gentle and safe, as well as extremely efficient, you can rest assured that the user’s health is in good hands. There’s even been evidence that for someone who suffers from asthma or pool-related allergies, chlorine can aggravate these respiratory issues. AOP pool sanitizers, on the other hand, are a healthier alternative, eliminating the risk of irritation and other common concerns.

5. Beginner-Friendly

Hydroxyl-based AOP sanitizers are incredibly easy and convenient to use. They have minimal yearly maintenance, often done in just a couple of minutes. On top of this, the setup is also fairly beginner friendly. Easy to use, safe and highly effective–that’s a great product.

Everything You Need to Know About Hydroxyl-Based AOP Pool Sanitizers

I’m Ready to Join the AOP Sanitizer Craze… Now What?

Lucky for you, as a pool supplies distributor, we carry Clear Comfort’s award-winning AOP Systems. You can purchase them right on our website, in our new online store. If you want to keep learning about Swimline’s partners and products, check back often!

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