eCommerce: Is Building Out an Online Store Worth It for Pool Stores?

Is an online store for eCommerce worth it for your pool store?

Are you looking at opening an eCommerce store for your pool business in the near future? You may be wondering if it’s even worth it. At Swimline, we think it’s definitely something to look into!

One of the primary benefits of an online store is that it gives you access to a much larger customer base. Your online store can be open 24/7, and customers from outside your immediate area can shop for your products. This also helps you increase your sales. Whether you want to sell more water care chemicals, pool equipment, spa accessories, or any other offerings, an eCommerce site is a great way to do it.

How to Use an eCommerce Online Store to Your Advantage

Think an eCommerce online store is right for your business? Here are a few things to think through.

1) Gain an edge in offering information. According to multiple sources, up to two-thirds of purchases begin with online browsing and research. Even if a customer isn’t ready to buy at that moment, they are looking for an authority who offers information on the products they are looking for. You can gain search traffic for your business when you offer pool products on your own eCommerce site. Authority = More business.

2) Take advantage of online shopping. Customers who are tech-savvy will love the convenience and accessibility an online store provides. They can quickly search for items, compare prices, and purchase what they need when it’s convenient for them. Shipping options mean you can gain customers outside of your local area.

3) Reach more people in more ways. An online store provides an opportunity to reach more potential customers than ever before and drastically increase your visibility. Plus, you can start advertising campaigns with Google Adwords or similar services that direct people to your online store and make it easy for them to find what they are looking for.

4) Keep a well-stocked supply. An online store makes it easier to manage inventory and helps you keep a well-stocked supply of all your pool products. You no longer need to worry about running out of stock or overstocking as you can update the online store in real time.

How to Set Up a Successful Online Store for Your Pool Business

All of this sounds amazing, right? Get started on the right foot with your new eCommerce site. First, make sure to design an intuitive site that customers can easily navigate. If your online store is too difficult or time-consuming, customers will go elsewhere. Add a search bar for easy product discovery, as well as descriptions that can boost your site’s SEO rankings.

Ensure your online store is secure and trustworthy by implementing a secure checkout process with SSL encryption, as well as an easy refund and return policy.

Finally, offer the best products from Swimline. With brands like Raypak®, Pentair, Jandy®, Hayward®, and more, you can have the leading products — from pumps and filters to heating and lighting and so much more.

An eCommerce store can be well worth it when done correctly. Want to learn more about how to stock your online store? Visit our Trainings & Education page to see future events where you can discover the fantastic impact that Swimline products can make for your pool business this year. 

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