Staying Ahead of the Competition: 5 of the Latest Trends in Pool Dealership

Staying ahead of the competition is easy with the latest in pool products from Swimline.

Setting yourself up as the leading pool dealer in your area is an important part of making sure you always have the latest and greatest for your customers. However, pool building season gets so busy that it’s easy to put business planning on the back burner. Don’t think that getting ahead of the competition needs […]

Top 6 Pool Products Needed for Spring

A variety of pool products, including chlorine tablets, liquid chemicals, and a leaf skimmer, are gathered on the deck of an inground pool.

Spring is the perfect time for pool businesses to prepare for the busy months ahead. Your pool customers will think more frequently about what they need to keep their favorite backyard escape clean, well-maintained, and fully stocked. And having the right pool products can make all the difference.  6 Pool Products Your Customers Need to […]

3 Ways to Get More Customers for Your Pool Builder Business

Close-up of a magnifying glass centered on a pool builder business logo displayed on the top left-hand corner of a website.

In the pool builder business, you know that connecting people to your brand can be tough. With so many other businesses vying for the same attention, you have to play a long game to make a meaningful impression that converts to a sale. However, with patience and a thoughtful, multi-pronged approach to marketing, you may […]

How to Stay Top of Mind During the Pool Industry Off-Season

How to Stay Top of Mind During the Pool Industry Off-Season

In the pool industry off-season, it may feel like a breath of fresh air to have a minute where the demands of pool building are on pause. From focusing on areas of your business that need a bit of attention to taking that well-deserved vacation with your family, a little breather is a welcomed respite. […]

Our Top Energy-Efficient Pool Products: Ranked

Our Top Energy-Efficient Pool Products: Ranked

In the age of rising electrical costs, energy-efficient pool products are becoming increasingly important to pool owners. Not only do customers want a pool built that is stunning and attractive, they also want one that won’t break the bank to operate throughout the year. That’s why Swimline offers the leading brands of top energy-efficient pool […]

3 Ways to Automate Pool Care for Customers

Automate pool care for your customers with Swimline.

Providing an exceptional pool ownership experience for each of your customers is your top goal for your pool business. And with convenient ways to automate pool care, customer enjoyment of a pool can go well beyond beautiful aesthetics into a daily joy that comes from a pool that is easy to care for. Swimline offers […]

How Pool Builders Can Increase Revenue During the Off-Season

Increase Revenue During the Off-Season

As pool builders, it is important to think about how you can increase revenue during the off-season. There are a number of strategies that you can implement to help boost your business and generate more income. From route service strategies to adding additional showroom products, the off-season is a great time to build your business. […]

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