4 Evergreen Pool Products to Offer Year-Round

Evergreen pool products keep a pool healthy year-round.

Whether you reside in a climate where pools are open year-round or your pool store has more of a “pool season”, there are multiple pool products you can provide to help your customers and boost your bottom line.

From safety and convenience amenities to support that helps extend the pool season, Swimline has everything you need for the top evergreen pool products to offer year-round. Here’s what you need to know to stock the best of the best.

Add Safety and Convenience with Pool Cover Options

For starters, consider offering both automatic and winter or safety pool covers. Pool covers come in several sizes and styles depending on your needs and budget. Automatic pool covers provide peace of mind and add convenience since they can be opened and closed with the push of a button.

On the other hand, winter pool covers are essential for pool owners in colder climates that experience freezing temperatures. Carrying both options can help you have evergreen pool products for your store to help extend the income even through the slower seasons of the year.

Pool Heaters Extend Your Pool Season

Pool heaters are a must-have pool product for pool owners in colder climates who want to use their pool even after the summer temperatures drop. Pool heaters come in three main categories: gas, electric, and solar pool heaters. Each type has its own benefits and can range widely in price. Offering pool heating options to your customers can help extend pool season and offer pool owners the opportunity to use their pool even when temperatures drop.

Cleaners Help Keep Pools Maintained Year-Round

No pool store would be complete without pool cleaners. Pool cleaners come in a variety of styles from automated robotic pool cleaners to manual pool vacuums and can help keep customers’ pools clean and free of debris. Pool cleaners are a great way to keep pool owners on top of pool maintenance year-round and offer an evergreen pool product that is always in demand regardless of the season.

Stock Up on Pool Maintenance Supplies & Automation Options

Pool maintenance supplies are essential pool products that you should always have on hand. Customers will need to be able to purchase pool chemicals, pool brushes, vacuum hoses, pool filters, and more whenever they need them.

While pool owners may not do a deep clean in the winter if their pool is closed, they should still be checking their water balance to make sure all is as it should be. Offer free water testing coupled with professional-grade products for the perfect combination for customer water care success. Pair this with the right automation options, and you’ll have happy customers all year long.

The Top Evergreen Pool Products Are Found with Swimline Distributors, Inc.

When it comes to pool products, there are several options to choose from that can help customers enjoy their pool year-round. Becoming a Swimline dealer is the best way to offer evergreen pool products to your amazing customers. From training and events to the leading lines of pool equipment and supplies, you’ll have everything you need to create pool areas that can be enjoyed all year round. Invest in Swimline’s pool products today and you’ll be glad you did.

By stocking the right pool products, you can extend pool season and make sure your customers enjoy their pool no matter what time of year it is. Be sure to carry pool covers, pool heaters, pool cleaners, and more with the best options and prices from Swimline.

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