3 Ways to Automate Pool Care for Customers

Automate pool care for your customers with Swimline.

Providing an exceptional pool ownership experience for each of your customers is your top goal for your pool business. And with convenient ways to automate pool care, customer enjoyment of a pool can go well beyond beautiful aesthetics into a daily joy that comes from a pool that is easy to care for.

Swimline offers the leading equipment for automation to make each and every day the best pool ownership day in the world. From chemical automation to cleaning, here are a few ways to automate pool care for your customers. Not only will they love the convenience, but they will also thank you for the opportunity to add incredible automation to their pool experience.

1. Automate Pool Care with Chemical Automation

Automating pool care can make it simple and easy for your customers to keep their pools clean and well-maintained. As technology has advanced, the way that water care has advanced has been impactful. One way to automate pool care is by using a pool control system, which is a computerized system installed with the pool equipment that uses sensors to gather information about the conditions of the water in the pool, such as pH balance, temperature, and chemical levels.

This information is then fed into the system, which uses algorithms to automate the addition of chemicals or other pool treatments as needed. This ensures that your customers’ pools are always clean and healthy, without requiring constant manual monitoring from the customer themselves.

2. Automate Pumps, Filtration, Lighting Features, and More

Another way to automate pool care is by using smart filtration and pump systems. These innovative systems are designed to automate the cleaning process, saving customers time and effort in caring for their pools. With programmable scheduling, these systems can automate the filtration process and ensure that your customers’ pools are always clean and clear.

Other features include automation of lighting and smart controls that allow a user-friendly experience for your customers. Whether they set programmable automation to illuminate their pool area or would like smart controls available on their smart device, there are options that will make automation ownership one of the highlights of their pool experience.

3. Automate Pool Cleaning

Finally, you can automate pool cleaning with smart robotic cleaners that are powerful enough to tackle debris but gentle enough to avoid damaging delicate surfaces or harming swimmers. These cleaners come in an array of models that clean the bottom, sides, and waterline of the pool, making maintenance a breeze. Customers can simply let the robotic cleaner run and come back to a pool that is clean, clear, and beautiful. 

Overall, with convenient ways to automate pool care, your customers can focus on enjoying their pools and spending time with family and friends, rather than worrying about cleaning or maintaining the water conditions. Whether you automate chemical levels, filtration systems, or cleaning robots, your customers will appreciate the convenience and ease that automation offers.

Add automation to your product offerings today with the leading lines of equipment from Swimline. Shop automated pool controls online store or call our Atlanta, Alpharetta, or Kennesaw locations for more information on adding automation controls to your pool product offerings.

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