3 Ways Drought and Water Conservation are Affecting the Pool Industry

Drought and water conservation are impacting the pool industry in major ways.

Around the southwestern United States, states and cities are facing severe water shortages due to the ongoing drought and water conservation efforts. This is having a significant impact on the pool industry, as pool owners are being forced to make changes in how they use and care for their pools. From pool size limits to water evaporation and equipment needs, here are three ways drought and water conservation are affecting the pool industry.

Pool Industry Drought Limitations for Pool Size

One way that drought and water conservation efforts are impacting the pool industry is through limitations on pool size for new construction. In many areas of the Southwest, pool owners are being restricted in the size of new pool construction, with some cities imposing strict limits on pool depth or square footage. Limits are also being placed on aesthetic pool water features such as cascades, waterfalls and grottos, bubblers, fountains and more.

Additionally, pool owners may be required to reduce their water usage by installing more efficient pool equipment that saves both energy and water as it cycles and cleans the water in the pool. From variable speed pool pumps to high-efficiency filters, pool owners can make the choice to save both water and energy as they continue on in pool ownership success.

Pool Water Conservation Usage Limits

One of the biggest challenges faced by pool owners is the restrictions placed on when they can fill or drain their pool. As evaporation happens during high heat, chemical levels for calcium hardness, CYA, and total dissolved solids can soar. Normally, this could be solved by replacing the lost water and balancing the chemicals. But in drought affected areas where limitations apply, this can prove to be a tricky situation.

In addition to pool size restrictions, many pool owners are also being required to limit their water usage. For example, in Las Vegas and other parts of Nevada, pool owners may be limited to filling their pools with only recycled water. Overall, pool owners must be mindful of their water usage and work to conserve as much water as possible, while still maintaining the quality and safety of their pool.

Energy-Efficient Equipment Drought Equipment

While drought and water conservation efforts have undoubtedly been a challenge for pool owners in many parts of the Southwest, these challenges can also present opportunities for pool owners to improve energy efficiency and save. There’s never been a more important time to have energy-efficient pool equipment and accessories in the southwestern USA. As pool owners are being required to reduce their water usage, it is crucial that they install equipment that uses as little energy as possible, as well as features that help prevent unnecessary evaporation. At Swimline, we offer a wide range of pool pumps and filters that are designed to be efficient and save clients money on water bills and usage. And with a pool cover that helps retain water in the pool, evaporation can be minimized.

Overall, the drought and water conservation are affecting the pool industry in impactful ways. Trust Swimline to continually bring the latest in energy-efficient, conservation-minded equipment to assist you in serving the needs of your clients. With pool pumps, pool covers, pool filters, and more, we have everything you need to keep your client’s pool running smoothly despite the drought. Visit us online today and start saving!

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