3 Water Safety Month Ideas for Pool Dealers

Tips for pool dealers for water safety month.

Are you excited for the peak of swim season? As pool dealers, you have a special opportunity to lead the charge for pool safety during Water Safety Month in May. Use this season as a time to educate pool owners and to help create a safe pool environment for all users, whether it’s families, friends, or community members. Here are just a few ideas from Swimline Distributors on how pool dealers can promote Water Safety Month this year.

Give Pool Safety a Visual Presence in Your Store

You love your customers and are dedicated to equipping them in the most thoughtful ways for the ultimate opportunities to enjoy their pool and their family. Safety is at the top of your priority list for swimmers, and this is a great chance for pool dealers to show just how much you care about swimmers this year.

Design pool safety displays for your store to help pool owners understand the importance of Water Safety Month and what they can do to reduce their risk levels. As an added bonus, create fun pool-safety-related giveaways like pool net covers or floatation devices for kids that encourage pool users to be safe. This could be a wonderful opportunity to add exposure to your business as the go-to authority on pool products for customers in your area.

Give Pool Safety a Virtual Presence on Social Media

There’s a wealth of pool safety tips, advice, and resources online, and pool dealers are in the perfect position to share this information with pool owners. Use your social media accounts to post quick pool safety tips for owners and swimmers throughout Water Safety Month. This doesn’t have to be overly promotional or pushy either — it can just be a fun series of pool safety reminders that pool owners can use to enjoy their pool in the safest ways possible.

Add memes, statistics, tips, safety products, and more to your social media account to increase engagement. This could be a great way to show pool owners that pool safety is something pool dealers take seriously and that you’re happy to provide them with the resources they need.

Host a Pool Safety School

As the leading pool dealer in your area, set up pool safety days for the local community and pool users. You can offer pool owners tips on how to safely swim, how to upgrade their pool with new safety equipment and features, or even provide pool supplies for sale like floats, life preservers, and rescue equipment, or product upgrades like new safety drain covers at a discounted rate. By hosting pool safety schools, pool dealers can grow their customer base while also providing valuable pool safety education to owners.

These are just some of the ways that pool dealers can promote water safety month in their communities and help keep everyone safe in and around water during the summer months. You can also celebrate Water Safety Month yourself with a Swimline dealer partnership that allows you to bring the leading brands of pool safety equipment and products to your business. Create your account today to take advantage of amazing dealer benefits that can boost your business and keep your customers safe and happy all season long.

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