Top 10 Pool Products to Offer in Summer

Overhead shot of 4 people jumping onto a variety of pool floats in an inground pool. Pool products such as floats and toys are essential to enjoying pool season.

As a pool business owner, you understand the importance of offering the right pool products to your customers. With the summer season upon us, it’s crucial to be prepared with the necessary pool products that will keep your clients’ pools safe, healthy, and performing at their best. To help you, we at Swimline have compiled a list of the top 10 pool products to offer your customers to maximize their fun in the sun.

Products for Operating a Pool

1. Pool Filter

A pool filter is a must-have for keeping your clients’ pool water clean and clear. There are different types of pool filters including sand filters, cartridge filters, and dichotomous earth (DE) filters. Make sure to recommend the filter that works best for their pool’s needs.

2. Pool Pump

A pool pump is responsible for circulating water through a pool filtration system. It’s essential to choose a pump that’s the right size for a pool. A pump that’s too small won’t be able to keep up with their pool’s filtration needs, while a pump that’s too large will waste energy and money.

3. Pool Sanitation Systems

When it comes to keeping a pool sanitized, there are a variety of pool sanitation systems available to choose from. While chlorinators have been a popular choice for many years, there are now newer and more advanced systems such as salt water systems as well as UV and ozone sanitizers, that are becoming increasingly popular.

4. Pool Heater

A pool heater is a great addition to extend the swimming season. Different types of pool heaters are available such as gas, electric, and solar. 

5. Pool Covers

A pool cover is essential for keeping the pool clean and reducing evaporation. Different types of pool covers are available including solar covers, safety covers, and winter covers. Each of these addresses a different need, so be sure to explain their use to your customers before pool season even starts.

Products for Maintaining Your Customers’ Pool

6. Pool Test Kit

A pool test kit is crucial for testing the chemical levels in the pool regularly. Testing the chemical levels helps maintain proper water balance and prevents problems such as algae growth and cloudy water.

7. Pool Chemicals

There are different types of pool chemicals available that can help maintain proper water balance including pH increaser/decreaser, alkalinity increaser, calcium hardness increaser, and stabilizer. Pool maintenance chemicals include chlorine, algaecide, and shock.

8. Pool Maintenance Kit

To keep your customers’ pools in top condition, it’s important to have the right pool maintenance supplies on hand. Some of the most essential tools include a leaf skimmer, a pool brush, and a pool vacuum. These tools remove debris from the pool water and surfaces, helping the water stay clear and safe for swimming.

Products for Enjoying Your Customers’ Pool

9. Pool Floats and Toys

Pool floats are a must-have for any pool party. Whether inflatable or foam, there are a wide variety of floats to suit any pool.

Pool toys are a great way to keep your guests (especially kids) entertained in the pool. Toys such as water guns, diving toys, and inflatable games make for a fun time with friends and family under the summer sun.

10. Pool Lighting

Pool lighting can add a fun, decorative element to a pool while also providing safety at night. LED lights are among the more popular variety of pool lighting components these days thanks to their luminosity and energy efficiency. 

Where to Find the Best Pool Products

Owning a pool is one of the best ways to enjoy the summer, but it requires regular maintenance and care. The above-mentioned pool products will help make the duties and delights of pool ownership much more appealing to your customers. 

And when it comes to finding the best pool equipment to sell in your pool store, Swimline is your one-stop shop for high-quality products and professional development. Contact us or visit our online pool equipment store today

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